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Thread: Fiancée sleeps all day. Not interested

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    Under review.

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    She's become addicted to pain meds. She needs serious inpatient rehab. She should not be alone with your daughter. She is too impaired to appropriately watch a child.

    Get your daughter away from her and staying with your folks or relatives. You should consider moving out with your daughter altogether.

    Your gf is seriously dependent on excessive pain medication and must be treated through in-patent rehab. Stop playing games with your daughter's welfare and pretending your gfis "tired" or "sleeping". She addicted to pain meds.
    Originally Posted by Qqqqqqq
    This, for me and our 10 year old daughter is tough.

    She takes alott of medication for a nerve disorder / rsd/ fibro. Tramadol morphine diazepam codeine + more (can’t remember names).

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    Well if she's taking all of the meds you mention it is no wonder that she sleeps all day. Get her to a new doctor and take all of the meds she is on and tell the new doctor what is going on. He should wean her off off most of them (can't go cold turkey or she will go into painful withdrawl with vomiting, shakes, cold sweats, bad diarha etc. Once she's clear of most of the pain meds her doctor can help her manage her pain in other ways... Physiotherapy, meditation, nerve drugs rather than pain drugs, massage therapy, acupuncture, and the like.

    She will resist going to a new doctor because she is addicted to the pain meds and she knows he will likely take her off of most of them.
    She can't work so you should be applying to the government for a disability pension (if you have such a thing in the country where you live) or at the very least to see what you qualify for in professional help like home worker, therapists and that sort of thing.

    Good luck.

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    Yeah...you don't want to marry her. She is an addict. SHe's addicted to her medications AND to being ill. You are enabling her. Is she overweight? Nerve pain can often be a sign of a poor diet and lack of exercise...

    You need to turn off you phone and leave the house. She will not do anything for herself if she knows that you will do it all. Stop excusing her behavior. Leave her. Do not marry her. She will only get worse.


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