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Thread: ex contacted me after 7 yrs no contact

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    Wow! He sure has a lot of control over you!

    He is being polite. He saw your sister, so he said hello. This means he has manners. When I see an ex's family, I always say hello and ask how the ex is. I tell them to say hello for me! This is having maturity and being kind.
    I would posit that he is sort of sorry about how things ended and when he saw your sister, he thought about you, leading him to email you and ask how you are. Think of it as a peace offering. Again, he is being polite.
    Him asking if your sister's baby was yours is no big deal. He wanted to know who had the baby! It was probably a simple conversation piece. If you haven't spoken with him in years, it isn't weird that he wouldn't know if you had moved on and started a family.

    If you don't want to talk to him, don't. But don't mistake his maturity for something else. He is not trying to get back together with you. Just ignore him.

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    Originally Posted by turtle3
    Wiseman2 I was wondering where are you to give me comment! I don't think that there is thread I posted you haven't gave me answer!Thank you!How are you?

    ThatwasThen thank you so much for support,but I don't agree.I wanted to share this bcs it makes me angry.I ignored first his mail and blocked him and If he is indifferent,he would not disturb my sister in pub,he wanted to hear if my life is better or worse than his.I don't want him tomorrow to stop my mother or father again.I want him to leave me and my family alone.
    You can disagree but you are clearly no where near the stage of indifference to him and it is obviously to your own detriment that you let him rile you up this much by simply talking to your family.

    Tell your family to ignore him if it bothers you that much. Perhaps you can control them better than you would be able to control him?

    Adding: I posted before I read Catfeeder's response. I see we were on the same wavelength. :) I tried to rep you, catfeeder but apparently I have to spread some kudos around to others first.

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