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Thread: Girlfriend admits she is lazy in bed

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    Maybe she just doesn't like it? Or maybe it is not that great in her opinion? Maybe she isn't turned on? If someone kept pleading with me to give them oral sex, I would most likely be so incredibly turned off that I probably would never want to do it. Sounds like you might be a bit of a nag...

    She told you the issue: she doesn't feel like you make enough effort to come on to her. You can't just get naked and go at it. You have to flirt, have foreplay, tease a little. Make her feel sexy. It's not always about you.

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    Originally Posted by BD1992

    She said last time we spoke about it that she would make more effort but she doesnt
    Telling you she will make more of an effort, suggests she is just not into it, and most likely not into you, at least sexually. Not anymore.

    And you constantly hassling her about it is not gonna change a damn thing.

    Dude, you cannot force your gf to want/desire to have sex with you or give you blow jobs.

    So just stop talking, "hassling" her about it (which is how she interprets what you're doing)."

    She may love you but it's clear that love no longer includes sexual attraction and desire, this is obvious to me.

    So either just accept that fact or move on.

    If me, if my bf stopped wanting sex with me and after I spoke with him, he told me he'd make "more of an effort" I'd feel insulted and be DONE. Ugh.

    Sexual desire comes from within stemming from one's sexual attraction and desire for your partner.

    Partner saying they will make more of an effort clearly indicates (at least to me) that desire is no longer there but she will "try" for you. And then she never even follows through with that.

    Personally, I could never be with a partner who no longer desired me sexually, no thank you!

    But this is you, your call.

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    You two are just mismatched in this department. She's not wrong for her preferences, nor are you. They're just not compatible. I suggest moving on.

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    Originally Posted by BD1992
    We last spoke about it a couple of days ago, she said she doesnít feel like I make enough effort to come onto her.
    What does she mean by that? Did you ask her?


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