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Thread: I am in a dilemma ... help please.

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    Originally Posted by reinventmyself
    IMO it's not black and white. But I respect others opinions about it.
    I get it - but speaking from my own experience. If she had "parented" her husband and only has lived on her own for 8 weeks -- take this time to spread her wings, do things she couldn't do married. have the "girls" over, decorate how you want. Go away for a week and don't tell anyone or answer to anybody.

  2. 07-08-2020, 10:58 PM

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    Originally Posted by erinrose
    Hey! I would go for the new guy if you really love him, Unless you love the H perosn. maby you should talk to H to see what he feels. Trust your heart!
    This thread is a year old.

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