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Thread: Is it my fault?!

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    You were allowed to snapchat in prison? That seems odd.

    I think you are both at fault. You made poor choices and had to do time. That put a strain on your relationship.
    She committed to you and didn't stay true to her promise. That just plain stinks.

    Fault, however, isn't what you should focus on. What you need to be worried about right now is making sure you don't do anything that would jeopardize your parole. Let her go. Think fondly of the time you had with her, but remember that you and she just didn't work out.

    And dude--stay off of snapchat. Nothing good comes from that. Seriously. Unless you are taking filtered pictures of yourself (which is kind of bizarre anyway, given that you are an adult). If you don't want a text message to be around for more than 30 seconds, you shouldn't be writing it at all.

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    Thank you for all the responses. Luckily Iím not on probation or parole. I havenít made any attempts to contact her as it would lead to no where. I wouldnít take her back so no reason. And to clarify I wasnít snap chatting in prison, I was snap chatting friends while out and around her. There was never anything there, it was simply her guilty conscience as she was messing around. I mean I got a letter from her saying she canít love anyone until she loves herself, yet she was messing around with this guy. Just seems so messed up but ey I got played, happens to everyone.

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