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Thread: Dumped at 7 months pregnant

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    Originally Posted by Billie28
    The problems started before you fell pregnant.
    Why did you plan to fall pregnant with him?
    9 years and no commitment?
    How soon into this relationship did these issues arise?
    It was not abusive before I got pregnant. We had an argument over a suspicion that he had and I never though it would result in this. People have issues in their relationship that get resolved. I never wanted to get married if that is what youíre referring to as ďno commitmentĒ.

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    I second what's been said here already - classic move of cheaters is to constantly accuse you of it, so you spend all your time defending yourself and not seeing what they're actually doing.

    I can't even imagine what you're feeling now after almost a decade. It will be a long hard road but remember it is a chance to change for the better. Hang tough!

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