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Thread: i am a bit stuck

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    That's ok. Next time he is there talk to this teacher. Teachers have all sorts of resources and other teachers and counselors they can talk with. Start there. You don't need the weight of the world on your shoulders all alone. The adults are there to help you. If they don't know you're struggling, they can't help you. Even if you have trouble at home, you can confide in a trusted teacher or counselor.
    Originally Posted by AliceSummers
    i have a favourite teacher but he is only a supply teacher so he is not at school every day

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    On top of the advice you have received from others:

    Have you considered making lists? Make a list of all the things that you need to bring to school every day. Maybe a teacher can help you? Then, you tick off every single thing that you have completed. Say, you need to bring a book to class. Once it's inside your backpack, you tick off the item on your list.

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    Some ideas:
    1. Get a study group together and review notes frequently
    2. Get permission to audio tape lectures and review them each night
    3. Many people with dyslexia are more spatially oriented, so draw diagrams and pictures into your notes
    4. Read textbook chapters before they are covered in class
    5. See if you can get audio versions of your textbooks - if you have a dyslexia diagnosis then you may find them for free
    6. Some pdfs and other online material can be read to you via your computer. Go to "Accessibility" settings on your computer, set the text to speech on, then highlight any sentences or passages you want read aloud to you and listen as you read.
    7. Check with your school to see if there might be accommodations for your exams- extra time, computer read aloud, etc.
    Lots of work but you can do it!

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