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Do you think he will ghost me after all this effort to see each other and have sex twice, and was it possibly just meaningless to him so that he could get some? Iím not sure if he may ghost me because I live far and thereís nothing that can be done about it or if he really will continue to talk to me, and potentially visit in the future.

Any advice on this is greatly appreciated! I would love to hear some similar stories and situations to go about this and see if maybe I should just cut him off before he does me, or continue staying connected with him after all thatís happened....

Yes, I think he would. I've been on the other side of this story. It's sometimes confusing being a horny young man. Most time you're thinking with your small head, not your big head. That's not to excuse his behaviour, but an unfortunate fact of life.

I want to emphasise that is only a possibility. Overall, he doesn't seem terribly interested.