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Any relationship that makes you feel as if your children are a hindrance, or some kind weight, is simply not the relationship for you, no matter what else if offers.
This was the reality of our situation. It's easy to gloss over this in the moment as you sit in some sort of suspended disbelief as I did. However she gave me more than enough hints yet I ignored it.

I have to keep come back to this when I think about the relationship as a whole, her desire was for a man with no "baggage" who had the ability to take her on holidays, weekends away, bars and restaurants, she most certainly didn't want to play family with my children.

I did see this early on but I chose putting off the easy decision then making it much worse for me now.

I wont make this mistake again but it doesn't make things any easier now.

I just need to get out of this emotional turmoil. I also need to move on and get my head in a different place, it should be easy to do on paper, thinking about someone whose stabbed me twice and certainly isn't going through a fraction of what I am right now.