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Thread: Does my coworker like me?

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    British Columbia, Canada
    I'd let this be what it is. Remember that when we date, we eventually do need some semblance of an adult to date, not a child. Let things unfold naturally. There's a reason this will not come to anything if it does not. Be at peace that way. I wouldn't have unrealistic expectations of someone who isn't fundamentally compatible with you.

    It flows a lot easier when you're a good match.

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    Apr 2017
    I think I like him because his personality he always makes me laugh and he is sweet and makes an effort to talk to me at work.

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    Mar 2018
    Keep it professional at work, it's okay to like a co-worker but try to date outside work.

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    Jun 2014
    Originally Posted by LillyBella224
    Itís just a job to sort of get me by itís not like a career i want to persue for the rest of my life. Iím actually looking for another job anyway. His friends basically said I was his type and he was looking for a gf stuff and thatís what they were teasing him about when I was there. Iím just confused and I donít see either of us making a move unless one of us leaves the job and I end up messaging him or he messages me but I donít know
    And how do you know about this? Is there someone who could be a go-between that can be used to play match maker (find out why he hasn't made a move)?


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    Gold Member Gary Snyder's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Land of Wind & Ghosts
    Wow, 2 years is a big age difference (rolls eyes). I guess it's all relative.

    The way you tell if they are interested is through their actions. So unless he asks for your number or asks you on a date, you may never know. Actions scream.

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