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This is how a pro-cheater ices a cow pie into cake for one.

Will this work?
For him yes, for you..., more wasted years.
I agree.

He didn't just cheat, he told you about it when the likelihood of you finding out on your own was slim to none.

He could have gotten away with it, and he chose not to. So he dumps that in your lap and tells you passively that he doesn't see this working.

Skip wasting your time and money on counseling--it only works when both partners are invested. This guy is checked out, and the only 'effort' he's made is to prove that to you in the cruelest way possible.

Invest in finding a new place to live. Grieve, heal, and move forward to higher ground. If whatshisname is ever motivated enough to catch up with you, he will have no problem making sure that you know it. Put that back on him, and focus, instead, on recognizing your own value.

Head high, and respect your Self.