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Thanks for all the responses! I did end up reaching out to him and he responded right away and we had a nice back and forth for the rest of the night. He was away with a friend and told me he would text me the next day and send me some more pictures of the place - never texted. So im not going to initiate anymore after that and we'll see what happens. It's disappointing but at least if he ever reaches out again or not I will know where he stands!
My guess is he may very well reach out again. But you need to ask yourself between now and then if you want to continue dating someone who has shown you such inconsistency and in turn it causes you to feel uneasy. Basically, based on your experiences you are learning to not count on him.

Some people are ok with this. Personally, if I say I am going to contact someone, I do. Because meaning what you say and saying what you mean is an important character trait to me, I look for the same in people I surround myself with.