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Thread: My ex texted me happy birthday after 3 weeks no contact

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    Originally Posted by katrina1980
    OP, I've done this before w ex's.

    Not out of guilt, I genuinely thought I was being thoughtful, not realizing hearing from me wasn't thoughtful at all cause it set him back and made him feel worse.
    Same here, all of the above.

    I don't think there's a deeper meaning to it, OP. There just isn't enough other indication that she is rethinking her decision. Viewing social media often derives from curiosity rather than regret, too.

    Unless you get more concrete information which suggests she might want to reconcile, I wouldn't read into this specific gesture at all.

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    Sorry OP , but it was a sympathy text.

    The only confusion was when she said she was excited to move in with you etc. At that point she was probably being over enthusiastic about things to mask what she was really feeling. Which was to opt out.

    No one ever has ended a relationship out of the blue. It just feels like that to the dumpee because prior to it the dumper actually tries harder to make it work. But ultimately comes to the conclusion that it shouldn’t be so hard.

    If your birthday happened to be 10 months away , you wouldn’t have heard from her until then.

    Unfortunately your birthday did come up sooner and that’s when you heard from her.

    Please don’t read into it! If she wanted to reconcile she would have said so.

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