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Thread: I feel stuck in life and feel like I have no real friends

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    I think some career counseling would benefit you and also some therapy to get rid of your negativity. You do sound like you are having a major pity party even tho you may not think so. Try not to think negatively, it will only be self-defeating. When you start to think negatively about yourself, such as thinking you don't deserve a better job or to be around friends. I wish you the best.

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    You write about yourself in passive voice: you ARE stuck, you ARE invisible, etc. This shows that you think these things are happening TO you. In reality, a lot of it might be happening BECAUSE of you.

    If you want to travel, start saving money. If you don't like your job, find another one or go back to school. If you want people to care about you, show them that you care about yourself and them. If your boyfriend is a no-go, then let him go! If you want to be proud of something, DO SOMETHING!

    Nobody can save you from being stuck. YOU have to get yourself up and do it on your own. You are not invisible, but you are probably not a whole lot of fun to be around right now. I've been there. Most people have. It's a lot easier to give in to self-pity and self-loathing than it is to snap yourself out of it and start being productive. But you are the one who has to make that change. You have to take the initiative.

    You say your friends always invite each other out. Do you ever plan an outing? Do you call them and ask them to do things? Why are you waiting for someone to fill your time? TAKE INITIATIVE.
    You say you have nothing to do at work and therefore are not gaining experience. Have you asked your supervisors for more responsibility? Have you told them that you want more experience? TAKE INITIATIVE.
    You say you have no money to travel or buy yourself nice things, but you have an above-average financial status. Have you tried saving money? Have you sought a financial advisor? TAKE INITIATIVE.
    You say you have accomplished nothing and have nothing to be proud of. Have you tried to accomplish anything? Have you stepped out of your small box to attempt something new? TAKE INITIATIVE.

    These things are not easy. And they are not comfortable. But are you comfortable now? Give yourself some credit, wipe your tears, and get out there! You can do this!

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