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Thread: hurtful and confusing ghosting / fading situation

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    Originally Posted by Sportster2005
    Four days, four months, four years. When they lose interest and blow you off, it's time to move on. She's clearly signalling she's done. And she can't even find her spine to tell him properly. No need to take it personal or wonder why. Knowing why never changes the outcome. Head high, walk away, demonstrate strength and resilience. Onward and upward.
    I agree. There doesn't need to be a specific 'reason' that someone isn't a good match for you. It can just be a lack of inspiration to keep dating. So casual dating of 4 months doesn't require any pursuit of 'closure' when you can just move your focus forward onto the next person you want to meet.

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    I haven't read 4 pages worth of things here, but I'd say just be less available.

    Stop initiating texts. Use texting for setting up dates, and that's it. Let her be the one to chase.

    It's game playing, but it works. I think you said you're new at dating...so this is a learning experience for you on how women date. :-P Yes, she's losing interest with you...but you can get it back if you understand how.

    Watch some 3% man videos on Youtube....or really any videos about this. lol. It's an eye opening experience. You have to filter out the BS, but there's a lot of good information in there.

    That being said - we all put on our best mask in the beginning of the honeymoon phase. After 3 or 4 months it starts slipping, and we become our true selves. Maybe she's seeing things in you that she does not like.

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