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Thread: New guy went on vacation with soon-to-be ex-wife

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    I'd go with your initial emotions and instincts on it which seem to be negative: hurt and disappointed. There's no point rationalizing it if you just don't feel good about it. It's far too early to be doing that. I personally wouldn't even go so far as to judge him as a person because it's so new (only a month in). Take it with a grain of salt and consider yourself warned and officially in the dating realm! Not everyone will see things the same as you and approach things the same way, even less will be as ready to date as you. Filter as you go.

    As an aside, I let go of a ticket from Vancouver to west Ireland once which was non-refundable and fairly expensive(mostly the type of tickets booked). I wouldn't judge on behalf of anyone else's personal circumstances or what they're going through emotionally but I just couldn't do it and it was a similar situation (break up occurring after a planned trip). I paid for all of it and he went anyway. I went on another trip on my own solo in the other direction, warmer islands. Listen to your instincts and trust yourself if this isn't a good situation for you. There are plenty of dates out there.

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    An omission of facts can be a lie.

    This doesn't pass the smell test. You'll never know all the facts. He's already hiding them from you. If I was in a similar situation I think I would look elsewhere. Especially with only a month invested.

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