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Thread: Why do I do this?

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    Why do I do this?

    I always think of flirty or funny things to say after Iíve had a conversation with this guy that I like and Iím attracted to? Anyone else do this, itís so frustrating. Ugh

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    Be friendly but professional at work. Don't stare or act weird around him. He may not want to date coworkers.
    Originally Posted by sparklystars28
    Thereís this guy at my work , i believe heís interested in me. We conversed a lil bit in the room and I flirted with him a lil bit before we both said have a good weekend. I just donít know what to make and of it. There was another time in church and he stared at me from a pew for a long time. Iím very much into him but Iím afraid of getting hurt or not feeling good enough for him.

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    How many threads are you going to make about this co worker?
    He clearly is not interested.
    I think itís time you accept that and also realise that someoneís disinterest has nothing to do with you personally.

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    Iím very much into him but Iím afraid of getting hurt or not feeling good enough for him.

    If you don't think you're exuding these toxic thoughts/emotional baggage through your facial expressions and body language, you're wrong. Mentally healthy guys will avoid women with these fears and confidence problems.

    Work on those issues before considering dating anyone, because wilting violets only attract bullies and abusers.


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