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Thread: Has anyone here not date for awhile due to financial reasons?

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    Originally Posted by beatlesfan77
    My burning question is how did you deal or respond with her question of "What do you do for work/living?"?
    My answer was;
    "I'm in I.T. currently looking for new opportunity. It pays well and is a great field for opportunity."
    One gal wanted to know more;
    "I can pay the bills and am not worried."

    We went on a few dates. She decided she couldn't get past me having younger children. Hers were grown and moved away. I believe her because she stated from day one it might be a problem.

    I get the anxiety. It hampered my dating. Especially the few months I was unemployed. I really didn't have to date when I was unemployed. I almost did it out of challenge. May not be a good reason, but it helped me grow and learn. It solidified the fact you have to approach each woman individualistically. There's a range. Some women want to, and seek rich men. I have a couple of those friends. They are married to wealthy men and enjoy a good life. There are women that only want that you can look after yourself, and don't want the burden of caring for another adult. Then there's somewhere in between where you will probably find most women, and men. Money is a concern, but it isn't everything. And I think it's a reasonable concern.

    I also think women ask about what you do because it's a good ice breaker, and it tells a lot about you. You can look at this as an opportunity. Speak about what you do very positively. Relate some things you are especially good at in your job. Talk nicely about co-workers and tell funny stories. At the end of the day the number one indicator of dating success is attitude. It took me years to figure that out and learn. When I changed my outlook from "women are so picky and unfair" to "I love women, dating is challenging there's lots of competition, I better work on my game and be the best me I can be." The added benefit is you start to enjoy life and feel more confident. When I started generally being fitter and happier I had no problems.

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    If you take a woman out on a date, it does not have to be a dinner. I donít like dinner dates for first meetings, I prefer simple things, coffee, tea Ė if things go wrong and you donít click with someone, itís easier to end the date. You can always go to a museum/gallery, or even for a walk. It could be a temporary solution until you are financially stable, just wanted to say you donít have to give up on dating.

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    You live in an affluent area. Such areas are going to have a lot of people in your situation who have a hard time making ends meet, and accordingly a hard time dating because when you are trying to make ends meet, it tends to add things like anxiety and depression that don't make it easy to have a positive attitude. And then you are going to have a lot of affluent people, a good percentage of which are going to put importance on things like driving a nice car, eating fancy food, and living in a nice apartment.

    If you wish to continue trying to date, try to focus on what you can bring to the table rather than what you can't. See if you can adjust your approach or your profile to seek out others who are on your level rather than those who would look down on you for your situation. And obviously keep working on the making ends meet part to see if you can improve your situation. Not for your dating potential - just for you, to make your life better.

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