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Thread: Has anyone else had a life full of crazy?

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    Has anyone else had a life full of crazy?

    I'll just hit the high lights. As there is far to much to list.

    At 10 years old my childhood ended. I became a full time nurse at 11 to a very unpleasant mother. She died at 14 and a half. I bounced around between a few family members and a friends home until 15. At which time I became emancipated and started my illustrious career in construction. So during the last 35 years. I almost drowned in the gulf of mexico thanks to a very unintelligent boat captain. I had a guy try to kidnap me while hitch hiking. I have been hit by 3 different cars on a bicycle and rammed one semi truck. All of it their fault. The last drunk driver obliterated my shoulder and crushed my foot. Every time I have been to the hospital they have almost let me die. Having my gallbladder out they cut a hole in my lung and overdosed me almost killing me. I have had 3 heart stents all 3 they almost let me die. One doctor even sent me home with a 99% blocked artery I made it 2 hours and had to call a ambulance. I had a guy drug me and my girlfriend date raped her and left me for dead. I have had 3 different people point guns in my face. I had several guys try to kill me once narrowly escaped that one. Been jumped by gang members several times. Was drug for a mile on pavement behind a tractor by a farmer I was working for. I almost froze to death a few times. One time I had to jog in place inside a porter potty for 5 hours as it was the only shelter I could find. My last wife of 15 years left me for a child molester and the list goes on and on. My current situation is I am trapped in a small town I like to call hell.

    Now I can imagine you might think I have lived on the wild side of life. While I have done some drinking I never was one for bars or drugs. I have worked all my life and I don't steal. I play it straight I keep my word and I would give some one the shirt off my back if they asked me for it. I struggle to understand the madness I call my life. Has anyone else experienced similar and if so how do you cope with it?

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    It's sounds like you lack of situational awareness.

    On the days of accidents/incidents were you drinking?

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    Is the post you are referring to? :[Register to see the link]
    Originally Posted by Jtce
    All of it their fault.

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    Well my story sounds not as bad compared to yours. Thanks for sharing.

    I've been afraid of having a girlfriend and having her get drugged and raped or even leaving me for some pop culture teen pooper popper.

    Life these days is . I imagine firefighting in Baghdad would have had it's perks if I could have passed the physical. Only problem is that I would be fighting for a country that glorifies drugging and raping my girlfriend and pedaphilea, and I'd pretty much trust the world with Islam at this point of they could learn how to shoot.

    My newest truest coping mechanism is to glorify that alienated "neutron bubble" that has been so viliainized in pop culture.

    The bubble will allow you to wake up in the morning, do some chores, reading, writing, go to work, and talk to maybe one other person in the world about the beauty of spring flowers.

    My biggest problem was grandeosity. But there is a point where the humility is just too real and all you've got in the world is that despised, spit upon, drugged and dragged behind a tractor bubble that was trying to keep me safe and just waiting for me to understand that coping with the Earth is a lie.


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    I think you need to separate things you cannot control and things you can't.
    Some things are about perspective.

    You can't control that your mother died.
    But you can choose to look back in compassion. Was she actually a horrible person? Or was she sick/uncomfortable and that is why maybe her temper was short.

    You could control that you were riding your bike down a hazardous road.
    Why are you hanging out in gang infested areas?

    And you are not trapped in a small town. You can leave at any time.

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