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I agree completely. As mentioned previously, I am recovering from knee surgery (a long-awaited procedure I've been putting off for some time, and the best surgeons are in London, hence thought I'd tackle it before I head back up North) and, as a result, have been immobile and less able to socialise and see friends - the people who have been my crutch during this whole process. I also work from home so the last 3 weeks have been spent 98% on my own, with the occasional checkup. I believe strongly that my current situation is keeping me in rumination territory, as I am alone with my thoughts as opposed to being out in the world and spending time with friends who keep me busy, which I will hopefully be able to do more of towards the end of this week. I'm hoping I will be able to redirect my attention to things that I enjoy: fitness, improving my diet, seeing friends, joining classes, but these things have been all but impossible these last few weeks so I've been stuck in rumination. Hopefully not for much longer though!
Awesome! I wish you luck on your journey.