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Thread: What does it mean when a man tells "we are very fusional" together???

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    Originally Posted by nao

    we are not a couple, but we are both attracted to each other, we have a quite passionate "relationship" with fights, tears, pain, deep, intimate conversations, etc.
    . Still nothing ever happened between us.

    Today, while talking about how we met, he said that we are very fusional together and that is rare. Still, he claims that wants to be just friends.... This is really confusing for me...
    Whats's bolded sounds a lot more than "nothing" OP.

    It's called having an emotional affair, which is a form of cheating for both of you since you're both in relationships w others.

    He did the right thing by telling you he just wants to be "friends" which is code for whatever there was, is no more.

    Leave the dude alone, stop trying to analyze his words, and move on, focus on your current relationship.

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    Originally Posted by nao
    Thank you all for your input. The thing is with this strange relationship is that we are both taken. It's not that he is not into me, or using me, just that we are both taken, still attracted to each other...
    We are speaking in French, so that is why he used this "fussionel" expression, not because he is trying to use some stupid word to "describe" something...
    You're having an emotional affair. He is getting his emotional fulfillment from you and getting all his other needs met by his partner... same for you too, evidently.

    How are you having all this time to be "fusional" with someone other than your partner(s)?

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