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Thread: fwb

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    That kind of relationship is lame. Find a real boyfriend.

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    Originally Posted by OliviaBrooks
    how to first meet a fwb you met on tinder? He wants hook up straight away and I want to go on one date first so I can meet him. Any way to find a compromise? Heís not a total stranger as heís friends with my mates and we been talking for a while. Just donít know how to get round the first hurdle of meeting him. Iím looking for a chill summer thing anyway with no strings attached so itís perfect for me, I just donít know how to start xx
    There's a difference between FWB and one night stands. He's looking for one night stands, you're looking for someone to be friends with and have sex with. Just tell him what you want and require. If he has a problem with it, wish him good bye, and good luck. In life, this one of those things you don't compromise on.

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    It's not an FWB. You two are not good friends deciding to have sex when you're both horny. He's practically a stranger you want to meet for sex. If you want to have casual sex I would avoid doing that with strangers.

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