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Thread: Long term boyfriend won't commit

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    Sorry to hear this. You can only get strung along if you allow it. If you want marriage, kids, family, etc, he's not your guy.
    Originally Posted by linzybinz
    he didn't see himself marrying me

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    Originally Posted by trulycommitt
    There are lots of different ways this one can play out. For instance, someone may be reluctant to get married, though they may be opened to it sometime in the future. First figure out what marriage means to you. Ask yourself why you want to be married. Then, I would suggest having another honest talk with your boyfriend. Figure out what marriage means to him. Weigh your happiness. Will you be happy not being married? I would not stress out over this at this point. I would suggest seeking the counsel of those around you that you trus

    I would not poll the peanut gallery and get friends and family to gang up on him or convince you "but he's so nice. stay. He might change his mind". a 32 year old knows what they want in life - they know if they want to get married at some point in their lives. They are not 19 years old. They are savvy enough to know if the person in front of them is NOT someone they would want to marry if they do want to marry. I would say you were right if he was 17 but at this stage in the game, it doesn't matter "what marriage means to him". he doesn't want to marry her.

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