Its ok to feel dissatisfied with being alone. You're in highschool and you know it's going to be more difficult in college to make friends. You are watching all those relationships happen at school and not having one, and because you're seeing what you're not getting it's making you sick. You might not even know how to talk to people in a way that they would understand if you haven't been doing it your whole life. You wonder why life exists you've got negativity.

But you think a lot. You probably think so much that no one will relate to what you say or your interested in depth of personality rather than surfing the social norm.

When I was 17 I did some stupid stuff. I was a straight A student up till then. I got fed up with my lonely life and started drinking and smoking with some popular comical friends who turned out to be degenerates.

It made me fail college terribly and sent my life down a dark uncontrollable road.

Since your in your last year of highschool I recommend that you put up with loneliness. Everyone's about to say goodbye and they're going to do some really stupid stuff that they didn't have the guts to do earlier because there's not going to be any social consequences. The stuff they do now will make or break the next ten years of their life and will determine if they can hold their head up in front of each other if they ever see each other again.

This is a very bad time to start a relationship. Don't let high school get the best of you. Just watch it go and when college comes, you'll have a totally new field without social norms where you can do and say whatever you want without repricusions.

I only say that you reserve yourself for your homework.

Don't worry at all about homecoming, prom, and the senior retreat. That's all nestelgia and bittersweet bull. You don't need that crap. It's all crying and goodbyeing.

When you look back on your life when your thirty youre going to be more uncomfortable with it's existence than wishing you had some sort of memory. Memories are not as important as a stable future. Live in the future, it's much more open than the past.

When you're in college. Talk to people all the time. They'll love it. Stay away from druggies alcoholics and homeless people at all costs. Don't let your loneliness get the best of you ever.

Most people are lonely even if they're married with kids. You're the most significant person in your life. If you've got to spill don't spill your foundation.