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Thread: Need some advice!

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    Need some advice!

    So this is situation.There is one girl and we live in same city.I saw months ago her pictures on instagram and nothing was happening in that time but i started to train the same sport as she and i noticed her and i am pretty sure thatís time i started to like her A LOT.Literally when i see her irl i get feeling like my heart will rip out literally.Problem is that i donít know her and she donít know me(we didnít meet each other irl).We chated on instagram about music cause both of us for example play instrument and on top of that we listen to LITERALLY SAME GENRES OF MUSIC and thatís the one more thing that show me her beauty.She is now going to start high school(Same as mine) and i am already in high school.I am starting 11-th grade and she is starting 9-th grade.Problem is that i donít know her thoughts on dating and love things cause i donít want to be so aggressive cause i think she is a bit shy person or maybe i am wrong and if i donít try to get her attention i will get nothing. Pls help

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    Platinum Member SGH's Avatar
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    May 2018
    If she is only starting high school, she is around 15 years old and likely has no experience with romantic relationships. Keep in mind, also, that she is still pretty much a stranger and that a lot of what you are feeling is based on hormones and appearances.

    My best advice would be to take getting to know her very slowly. She likely isn't sexually active and may not want to be for awhile. Remember that you are a bit older than her and may be ready for more than she's willing to give, even if she does like you. You have the right idea when you mentioned not acting aggressively. It's not a race, so don't treat it like one.

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    Exactly that's the problem.I don't know her thoughts and feelings about dating and love life and thats why i dont want to be aggressive cause she have 15 years and she will now start high school and on top of that i think she is little bit shy.I asked her week ago that we can someday go outside(cause she had planned to learn to play guitar and i play drummes),go outside and play some random music and have fun just if she want that and she responds with ahahaha that sounds coool.

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    Gold Member Gary Snyder's Avatar
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    You have to come up with a day and time if you want to hang out with her/date her.


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    Update:Today her generation had something like graduating celebration, me and my friends was there cause there are some our friends that we know and we was going there to picture with them.She was there too.I Noticed her, walked up to her and i said Hello then i said my name, then i said we chated on instagram and she responds with yeah i know like she know who i am for sure and i asked her for picture and get it.Fun Fact is that 3 days ago i was in shop and she was in front of me in 1 second she turns around but it was so fast that i didn't have time to say even hello and when i saw her it was like she didn't know me but today she for sure recognize me and it was sooooo satisfactioning.Does that mean something or no?

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