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Thread: Bf moving out of state and wants to be in a relationship with me still..

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    May 2019

    Bf moving out of state and wants to be in a relationship with me still..

    Bf had moved to California 3 years ago with his parents because couldnít afford to live by himself in his home state. We met online and started talking he told me his plan was to move back eventually. I finally decided what I wanted to do in school and almost done with my prerequisites. He told me he would wait for me and once I graduated, we would move together back to his home state. He came back from his home state a week ago from visiting his old friends. He told me his friend moved to a big house and offering him a place to stay. He is now telling me that he wants to move already and stay with his friend and that we can still be together long distance and once Iím done I can move with him and get an apartment together. He said living here for 3 years is too long and he is not happy anymore. I feel heartbroken and donít know what to do. As it is, he lives an hour away from me and we see eachother only weekends. Now he wants to move a state away. I feel like his friends convinced him because his friends donít like me. Any advice?
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    Unfortunately he doesn't sound as serious or settled about this as you do. Let him go.

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    Let this one go. Focus on meeting people in college and having fun.

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