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Thread: Trust issues, long distance relationship, she just isnt that into me

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    Originally Posted by jadedjuan
    My closing thoughts are this: She seems like a genuine girl, and i have issues to work through. I believe that we will cross paths again. Perhaps when we are closer to each other in a few months time. Do y'all think if its possible to build up a new relationship again or will the past conflicts destroy us. Ive been putting in massive work on my own emotional limitations and believe i still have a lot of work to do but will continue doing so. Just need some love and guidance to be honest. I've been frustrated over this girl, and this frustration turned into a disturbance towards the end of our relationship. I'm keeping my mind off things and building my life up, but i felt like she was the one and she felt the same way.

    Any advice, personal stories, and insights would be splendid. Thanks
    Worry about you, and keep improving.

    Lose all contact with this woman and move on. Simple ideas, difficult to do. But do them.

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    Been doing good getting over her.

    What really has me bent out of shape, dima and everyone else here is her asking for space a week after saying I love you.

    I heard from everyone this is classic monkey branch behaviour. It gave me the most trust issues and thats when i started acting out with the trust issues.. Before this, trust wasnt an issue at all!.,, I didnt post this but a couple weeks after she asked for space she called me drunk crying “ive been such a bad girlfriend to you and youve been such a great bf, and I love you” etc. first thing i asked was that she cheated? She took a couple seconds “no” and then said some other things that didnt warrant her crying calling me like that..

    I swear this keeps replaying in my head. And with all the data i gathered about “space” and monkey branching i cant help but think she did do some cheating, emotional or physical, or thought about it. Everytime she cried after it just seems to add up that she was guilty (during sex, when i confronted her about asking for space, etc)

    But then again, she never asked if i cheated on her or anything, like most cheaters tend to do by projecting. Maybe she thought about it but nothing happened?

    I wont ever know, and i hate how my analytical mind is still trying to reach a verdict.

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