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Thread: Did I come on too strong with this guy?

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    I think he knows you're very interested in him because you had sex with him soon after starting to date so at the very least he knows you are sexually attracted to him and if you are staying in contact that you likely want to have sex again and/or see him.

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    Talk in person. Dating is not about having text buddies. Texting is not a relationship and not a good way to build rapport. He knows this and it's a valuable lesson from him to you.

    Yes, stop texting him to death and steer things to very brief texts about where and when your next date is. Keep things brief when texting. Lots of people, especially busy people, dislike texting chitchat and nonsense all day.
    Originally Posted by Taralynnski
    this guy has always been a bad texter, will initiate conversations and always replies but gives short responses

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