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100% this ^^^. She is emotionally cheating and is about to monkey branch. This guy is not the cause of your relationship break down though, he is just a catalyst that came along. The real problem is that you are not right for each other. In a way, this guy is doing you a favour because if he hadn't come along you could lose more years in this dead end relationship. Do yourself a favour and give yourself freedom to find a woman who accepts you as you are. Do not accept all this crap just because she is blaming you. It always takes two to tango and emotionally cheating is never justifiable no matter what a monkey brancher will try to have you think. If you stay on, you will be mentally abused and dumped once she has completed her mental check-out. There is a book titled "uncoupling" by Diane Vaughan that is worth reading to gain more insight regarding what is happening in her head and yours for that matter.
i agree 100% with DancingFool and Clio. They summed it up perfectly. You need to muster up some self respect, not take this bullsh*t that she's feeding you and move on. Don't be her doormat, dude! How very disrespectful she is. Come on, you know this is a very bad situation. Why on earth are you putting up with it? Really? Don't waste any more your time with her.