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Thread: Cheating? Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Originally Posted by rjc149
    There's probably a kernel of truth here but it sounds like an overly harsh assessment. Maybe you're right. But I don't believe her investment into me, the daily texts she was sending trying to share her life and thoughts with me, the really thoughtful gifts she bought me, was manipulation and deception to string me along until she lined up a suitable replacement. She is undoubtedly an emotionally needy person, and was emotionally vulnerable just getting out of a 6-year marriage.

    To a certain extent yes, I filled a void in her life left by her isolation in a new city and recent divorce. But it was my complacency, taking her affection and texts and attention for granted by not reciprocating in equal measure, that created a new void in her life. She likely felt I didn't care all that much about her, her feelings, and that I was just in it for the sex. Sometimes I disregarded her feelings and vulnerability with a sneering disdain 'don't bother me with your feelings BS, I'm busy.' In some ways, I was a cold to her. The void I was creating was then filled by someone else. I think that's just the cyclical nature of dating and relationships -- realizing an arrangement isn't working anymore, and moving on.

    I can, and will, become a better lover. Not for her, but in general. I'm just wondering if she is a woman worth reaching out to again at some point, or being receptive if she does.
    She was married. End of story.

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    She had just gotten out of a marriage that I had played a part in undoing
    This has disaster written all over it. The rest is irrelevant.

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