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Thread: Being in love with your boss who also has a girlfriend

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    The picture in this link says more about genuine love than could ever be written

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    Dump him, save yourself. You're just setting yourself up for more pain. Even if he did dump her, which I doubt, you would never be able to trust him. He is sleeping with both of you atm, and maybe even more. I am so sorry if this is not what you want to hear, but in 99% of these cases, this is a fact.

    He's playing the "nice, caring guy" by saying that he cares about his gf because if he leaves she'll be homeless. Nope. He cares about himself and his convenience.

    It's hard to leave, trust me I know, but you will very much thank yourself for making that decision. I'd make a clean cut, but if you want, you can tell him that if he ever dumps her, he can come find you. Again, I'd never go back, but I understand how hard it is to break up, this might make it easier for you. And of course go NC as much as you can, keep it strictly professional. Better yet, quit your job.

    To find the courage to get out, you need to focus on how happy this situation is making you? You're not even in a relationship, you're on hold. You're putting your needs last, your placing your happiness in his hands. You're worthy of much more than that, believe it.

    Many wishes to find the courage to break it off!

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    You choose to believe what a cheater tells you? Yikes.

    Get real OP.

    He has his gf because he wants her. He had her move in with him, because he wants her. He is with her because he wants to be.

    He tells you how much he loves you because how else can he string you along as a side chic? He gives you some bs story about how is gf will be homeless and you buy it? What's wrong with you? He looks at you, OP, as the world's biggest fool. He doesn't love you, OP, he doesn't even respect you. How can he, when you are willing to buy such obscene lies and help him cheat?

    He does all of the above because he is a disordered freak who gets off on fooling women. Yes, both you and his live in gf. Btw, cheating is a form of abuse. Chew on that for a bit and figure out what a "prize" of a man you are dealing with and ask yourself again, what is wrong with you that you are getting involved like this and lowering your own self to such a pathetic level.
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    have you ever been told the saying "actions speak louder than words"? This is going to be a good lesson for you.


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    So it is ok to hurt you, so not to hurt his live in gf. Get rid of him he is using you as a side piece. Get rid of him as he will always be going home to her. Respect yourself first he isnít.
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