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Thread: husband hates his job

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    May 2019
    A relative of mine did say to.me that I must not earn more than him which I found odd. But when i look back I realise I have been prevented from succeeding in.my career and financially.
    His family seem to want me to fork out my savings to.make up for not being able to get a well paid job to.match his salary. Things have got a bit tense. I sense aggression from him.

    When we met I was breadwinner with my own property and savings.
    He was in debt and no property and a poorly paid job. He was unhappy in his Job etc
    I sold my property went to his home country bought property in both our names. He pursued a new career. But he was unhappy in the successive jobs.
    I then found I was pushed out of work.
    Finally, I worked out that each time his mother asked where I was working I lost my Job.
    Then she told me to leave him and the house I paid for!! All the time him complaining about his jobs etc.
    Long story short we moved back to my home country, I sold the house,
    The job saga continued. The mother now picking on me for the low paid job I have.
    Anyway husband seems to try and control my work, friends and what i do. All the while complaining about his work.

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    Sounds like the sooner you get a divorce the better off you'll be. This is no way to live your life and the longer you remain with this man the worse your life will get (imo). If you want to have a better and happier future, file for divorce.

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    This should have been over, long ago. He sounds like a controlling loser! I don't understand what attracted you to this man to begin with!

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