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Thread: Confused, I don't know how he feel about me.

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    Confused, I don't know how he feel about me.

    I'm a 17 y/o from The Philippines and I like this Japanese Guy (same age) from Japan. I met this guy on a Language exchange app because I really love Japan's culture and I'm interested to learn their language, we started talking for like 37 days now lmao. we talked almost every day and sometimes we call or FaceTime if we're not busy I helped him with his studies. He already Introduced me to his Mother and his Siblings especially to his older sister that is very happy when she's talking to me.. he tell all of his stories and for the past weeks I know a lot of things about him he is very funny and caring so I think that's the reason why I fell in love with him.. so the reason why I'm so confused because he always says that I'm so "cute" when were calling or FaceTime he always said that "I like your voice" he always complementing me in a sweet way.. he always asking me like how am I or where I am right now.. same as me to him.. then suddenly he said that he will write a letter to me which is not a very common thing to do for a guy in Japan because boys in Japan known as their Shy personalities and very timid around girls.. and because my birthday is coming up he asked me what present or what do I want for my birthday present so I tell him I don't want anything but he keeps saying that what do I want so I said I don't want any expensive things but an Omamori will be fine.. (Omamori is an Amulet or lucky charm) and he said "anything else? or.. do you want my love?" and I freaking panicking at that time and I was so shocked when he said that suddenly my mind went blank because did he already know that I liked him? or how did he know? is he joking? so I tell him that "do you like me" then he said that "I don't know? maybe?" and I was like HUH?! is he playing with me I don't get him at all I'm so confused sometimes he's so sweet and caring and sometimes he's joking around and playing with my feelings... I don't want to confess like that's really weird we only met for like 37 days even though I already know half of him because I always talk to his mother and sister I feel like that's not enough.. so do guys what do you think? do you think he likes me? or do you think he's just being friendly?

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    Be realistic. You're in the Philippines and he's in Japan. Also, there is the language barrier. Your version of English and his version of English and expressions are completely and totally different. Something gets lost in translation. Since English is not his first language, you're getting your wires crossed. You mean one thing and he'll mean something else. He lacks grasping at your comprehension. Hence, what he says is so shallow and meaningless. It sounds like he's toying with your mind, playing mind games and you are just for fun on the Internet. He was teasing when he asked you if you want his love for your birthday. He sounds very immature. He sounds weird. I think you're just an Internet friend to him and nothing more. He must be bored and has nothing better to do than have a buddy to electronically correspond with at his whim. I think you're wasting your time, energy and thoughts on him.

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    Ok it's nice to have a pen pal especially one you can learn a language and some things about the culture. However even if you have a crush, date local boys from your school, neighborhood, clubs, groups, sports and other interests.
    Originally Posted by Rin
    I met this guy on a Language exchange app because I really love Japan's culture and I'm interested to learn their language, we started talking for like 37 days

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