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Thread: Fiance returning from deployment

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    Fiance returning from deployment

    My fiance just returned from deployment. Since she's been back she has been distant and affectionless. She spends more time with her friends and just having a conversation with her is like pulling teeth out. I myself am also a active duty service member having deployed 3 times prior with her at home and I just am having a hard time dealing with this homecoming since I have never been on this side before

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    Have you discussed this with her? If not, why not? Perhaps she's having a tough time adjusting to being home.

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    Yes I have but doesn't talk much about it

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    Have you considered counseling?


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    You say you have never been on this side before , is her behaviour on her return similar to that of yours?
    Was this her first deployment?
    How does her behaviour compare to your first if yes?

  7. 05-22-2019, 01:07 PM

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