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Thread: Ex Boyfriend moved on so quickly.

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    I hurt for you. It's so terribly difficult to deal with a breakup from out of the blue, but to feel so replaceable as well, is even harder.

    There are a couple things, and maybe hindsight will point out some clues, but as the breaker-upper, he checked out a long time ago. He tried to make it work but came to terms with his disconnect awhile ago, and it was just a matter of officially pulling the plug. This is why it seems so much easier for him to move on. He processed this a long time ago. For you it's brand new. This makes it easier to date again so soon, whether he knew this woman before the breakup or not.

    Second, I suspect there was something going on with this woman before you broke up. Not necessarily crossing the physical lines, but potentially flirting, attraction, and emotional cheating as the case may be, so of course he breezed into this new one pretty quickly.

    She is a rebound...who knows if this will last, but you never know. It hurts regardless. It's also strange the likeness between the two of you...odd. I can't give you any good reasons, particularly since you didn't recognize anything out of the ordinary.

    How long was his last breakup before you two started dating? Was the situation similar, sort of monkeybranching?

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    Hi purplepaisley,

    He was married before he met me I met him a year after. To be fair and he would admit he chased me he is actually very needy and wanted me with him most of the time. This worked out to be difficult as I have 2 girls and he does too. So I needed to be in my house and he needed to be in his.
    He did split with me 9 months before for 2 weeks and again cried and said he couldn't live without me!, so like a mug I took him back. His excuse that time was that he wasn't sure how much he missed me , and I wasn't sure I wanted to retire to Florida in 30 years time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I honestly felt like the last 9 months I was walking on egg shells in case he got upset with me.
    I think its all just confusing he turned up at a party I was at in November without telling me to surprise me ect and this is why I don't quite understand if anything he wanted to constantly be with me and I was more independent.
    He even slept with me the day before we split !!!!!!!!. Nothing makes sense but he is a very clever man not stupid at all so maybe I never knew him at all. I just feel sorry for his children having to get used to another women as I was very close to them also.

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    As sad as it is, it seems you didn't really know him. However what you do know is on/off and something on the side is his style. In the long run you dodged a bullet. It's not about you. Best thing to do is block and delete him and all his people from all your social media and messaging apps.
    Originally Posted by moomin12345
    He did split with me 9 months before for 2 weeks and again cried and said he couldn't live without me
    maybe I never knew him at all.

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    I think rejection is one of the most painful emotions there is. I will never forget the day my husband sat down on the couch next to me and told me he no longer loved me and left. I was heartbroken! I still loved him very much. I’m sorry you are going through this. I talked to my pastor and I saw a Christian counselor. Do you have anyone like that in your life that you can talk to? Both gave me the support I desperately! needed and good, sound advice. I will be praying for you this week, for God‘s peace that surpasses all understanding.


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