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Thread: Should I (F,26) meet up with "ex"(F,26) after 5 years of LC?

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    Originally Posted by Hollyj
    Don't understand what you would have to gain. Who cares what she wants to talk about. You were only f*ck buddies for a short period of time.

    Damn! It has been five years. It is time to block and delete her. Move on with your life.

    I think that she enjoys getting her ego stroked, as you are STILL responding.
    Thank you for the response. I've been wondering what I could gain from all of this. I thought "closure" would be it but I guess that's my own separate journey.

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    Unfortunately a lot of exes reach out for poor reasons. They got dumped. They are having a dry spell. They are lonely, bored, nosy, etc. It's rare that they had an epiphany that they miss the wonderfulness that was. Especially when a lot of time has passed. Of course opening lines could be about "catching up" or "missed you", etc. But does that even make sense when you were toast just a while back?

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