My boyfriend and I have been dating for 10 months now. When we first started dating, we were already fighting our first few weeks because of my past. He got mad because I was talking to a guy before him, and because of that, we broke up after almost two months of dating. I also found out that he was already talking to another girl on Tinder a day before we broke up, but he claimed that they were just talking as friends (since he knew this girl from his previous job and they randomly got matched).

We were broken up for a month, but we got back together. For that one month that we were broken up, he had a girlfriend. I was talking to someone too. We got back together after he messaged me saying he wanted to hangout, so we went out together until, eventually, he became my boyfriend again. We both knew that he had a girlfriend, and I was talking to someone else when we were broken up. But we found out that the guy I was talking to goes to the same gym with him. My boyfriend goes to the gym 4-5 times a week, so he said he always see the guy I was talking to. They werenít friends or anything, he just sees him at the gym from time to time. So, that became a problem to us. He said he canít move on from my past if he sees my past at least once a week at the gym. Weíve already broken up and gotten back together a number of times because of his past and my past.

His past, because I felt like I was easily replaced when we broke up the first time. He broke up with me because of something I have no control, and I donít even know why he was getting mad because I was talking to a guy before I even met him. He was talking to a girl before I met him too, but he admitted that he was immature for breaking up with me over that. I just got hurt, because he got a girlfriend a few days after we broke up. I wasnít even ready for another relationship after him.

Now thatís one problem. Another problem I am having is that he doesnít say he loves me like normal couples too. I said it to him before, but he almost never says it back to me so I just stopped saying it to not get my feelings hurt. He does say it though, whenever weíre in the verge of breaking up and weíre sending those long messages. He tells me he loves me then, but he almost never tell me he loves me when weíre not fighting or breaking up. It became an issue that I confronted him about it. He said that he canít say he loves me if he keeps seeing the guy I talked to before at the gym.

Sometimes I just get so jealous of couples saying they love each other, because in 10 months of dating him, we almost never say those words to each other. I love him, and I donít want to lose him. But Iím also just confused if he really loves me too. We both also think that our relationship is not normal. I donít want to lose him, but at the same time, I donít want to feel this way anymore.