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Thread: Not sure his heart is fully with me.

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    May 2019
    Try to take deep calming breaths and get some fresh air! Do you have someone you can speak to about this - like a trusted friend or someone just to vent to? That might help but definitely have that conversation with him soon and then decide what to do after that. Stay strong!

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    Originally Posted by intrinsic76
    Welp, that didn't work. Might have even made it worse. This really sucks. I want answers but I would be a total p.o.s. to bring this up now while he's in recovery. It's hard for me to know what to feel when I look at him. Im not good at shutting these things off. I need to clear my head. I wish this hospital had a bar.
    Maybe you need a break. Not from him, but from the hospital. Perhaps you don't need to be with him all of the time. Perhaps that would help with clearing your head?

    If he doesn't want to lose you, let him show you that. He knows what he will need to do, let him do it.

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    He was cheating on you and you don't trust him. There's nothing to work through, it is done.

    Without trust and loyalty, a relationship cannot last.

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