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Thread: The Co-worker you hate celebration

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    Platinum Member j.man's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Originally Posted by jimthzz
    Bring a kale/Limburger cheese sandwich plate. Lift your passive aggression to a better level than just avoiding participation .
    ****ing perfect. One instance where a few extra bucks would take you a mile.

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    Mar 2006
    Iím really sorry about this and agree that you bring something and tell yourself youíre doing it for the organizer.

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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Your situation is no different than animosity among family members such as relatives and in-laws during the holidays. I've even encountered the same at church gatherings, too. If you want peace at the workplace, go along with it, bring a salad, an inexpensive but tasteful gift and be a good sport for the sake of keeping the peace. Be the bigger person, take the higher road and remain civil and cordial. Show class. Carry yourself with poise and aplomb.

    I too am in uncomfortable situations at the workplace and among some relatives and in-laws whom I despise yet I'm a good sport and do my bit for the sake of peace. It's uncomfortable but always show class no matter what. Get it over with and you will be proud of your behavior everyday and feel better about yourself in the future as well. You don't have to engage nor become unnaturally chatty either. Remain civil yet polite always. A lot of times we have to behave properly no matter what for the sake of everyone else around us which is keeping the peace. Then after the the celebration is over, do your job, remain professional and act with grace. This is how it is when we work together, see each other everyday or during the holidays with family. We don't all like everyone or each other but we keep the peace for the sake of peace and civility.

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    Exactly this. Do it for your reputation and your coworkers. No one has to like their coworkers. However you both earn a living there so why cut your nose off to spite your face?
    Originally Posted by DancingFool
    This is more about being smart and a strategic team player. Bring something for that reason. You don't want to show your open hatred to others in the office because it will just make you look bad and, ironically, her like a victim of your hate.


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