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Thread: Self Care

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    Originally Posted by ~Seraphim ~
    What are some of the things you do for self care?
    Many things depending on a number of factors, some is maintenance, some is restorative (even sometimes emergency type self care where all other things are put on hold until I feel safe/secure again). I may do these things alone or with company depending on my needs at the time.

    Take a nap

    Visit friends

    Play badminton

    Swim in local reservoir or river

    Visit my favourite outdoor places (especially ones with water and birds), even just sitting in the garden listening to the goldfinches and watching the bullfinches

    Eat my favourite nutritious foods, salmon, broccoli, eggs and hollandaise always makes me feel healthy, grapes and strawberries or greek yoghurt with fresh berries, honey and vanilla bean paste

    People watch whilst enjoying a coffee at my local cafe


    Listen to soothing and relaxing upbeat music, liquid drum and bass, bossa nova, ambient dubstep

    Scramble/hike/mountaineer/wild camp

    Do typical grooming in a particularly loving, soothing and self compassionate way, wash/brush hair, moisturise etc.

    Play sudoku or solitaire

    Window shop/visit gallery/book shop/museum

    Watch old Disney or classic movies

    Make a cup of earl grey tea from leaf, allowing myself to fully immerse in the process, it's only 10 minutes from the boiling to the brewing to the sipping but I feel very refreshed and restored after. Could do it with your favourite relaxing tea, camomile, peppermint, Jasmine with the buds, beautiful!

    Have cuddles with loved ones

    Look at the stars on clear nights

    Essential oils in a vapouriser but scented candles would work well and provide a better atmosphere

    Bubble bath

    Things I used to do but no longer can, walk and cuddle dogs at the local rescue centre, bike ride, jog, go for a drive on country lanes

    Hope you are ok xx

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    One aspect of self-care for me is the enjoyment of interacting with others. But I need some quiet time, too, to recharge my batteries - whether it's reflecting on life whilst drinking coffee, listening to music, reading a book, writing, taking a walk or whatever else.

    Another aspect of self-care - the most important one for me - is learning to love others, being grateful as well as kind and simply appreciating the small things that life has to offer. That's IMHO the best way to re-energize and grow as a human being.

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