I'm very sorry for your pain, mollysam.

I agree with others regarding therapy.

I beg to differ. Not all men are scary. You are a wounded bird. There are some good men on this planet; not many but there are a few good men left.

Your sadness will always stay within the deep recesses of your brain. The only difference is that when true, consistent happiness emerges, your pain will decrease. I have pain, too and ever since my life improved, those painful thoughts don't come to surface often. Time will heal your wounds. You learn to trust those who've earned your trust as it did with me.

It's ok to be guarded and super cautious. I'm the same way. Only be with those whom you feel safe with. Everyone else? Avoid them at all costs. And if you're unsure with certain men, always be with a few other people, too. Crimes happen when it's 1:1. When you're with people, criminals tend to avoid witnesses.

Surround yourself with good people. Join a support group.

Most people have pasts that haunt them. Don't allow bad memories and bad people to have a current grip on your life. Don't let them win. Be strong, be your own person, grow tough and you will be a victor.

If you can't be strong, at least be smart. That's what my mother told me long ago.