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Thread: The next step - how can I manage? OWYM

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    Aug 2014
    Why not consider this time apart as your jump start? Seeing he's away there isn't much you can do about it while he's gone, this time gives you a leg up on processing and detaching.

    Consider in he's young and likely won't deal with things they same way you would.

    He's very likely not going to want to do the mature thing and have some sort of uncoupling summit . . . . the long goodbye, you are waiting for.
    Personally, I think that would set you back.
    Your choice, of course.

    If it were me, I'd consider this time apart part of a goodbye that is very much implied and doesn't need to be said.

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    Yes, I agree, that is good advice and what I plan to do; please understand this just happened so I have not been as clear-headed. My post was part of my processing and I will get a grip. Every day it should be a bit easier.
    We were very happy and life changes, and itís for the best. Everything happens for a reason.
    I want him to enjoy his holiday and just meet to say goodbye before he moves. Nothing long as it serves no point, you are right. He also borrowed my good camera lol.
    Thank you for your thoughts

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