Hi Guys,

Would love your thoughts.

So I moved country, don't have any hobbies, talents, hidden talents or interests lol I went to countless groups yoga, mums groups (even though I'm single and no child), pilates, photograph classes etc

I decided to start my own group as so many people where moaning they were too cliquey. I too felt that I had gone to a few of these social events and found my self being ignored by other people even trying their hardest to avoid eye contact!
So I went to a local hotel and got a great deal to have a 3 course breakfast with pool entry at first it was great I had upto 15 women coming they all loved it. Until new women started to come! The original ladies of the group constantly were preaching how we needed to grow and attract more ladies but when new guests would come they were very unwelcoming and gave them the cold shoulder. Most of them didn't come again. We then extended it to a ladies dinner evening where we would all dress up and I arranged for us to then go to a lounge after. Again anyone new was left out and made to feel really out of place and awkward. So I stopped the group. Why do we revert into this cliquey behaviour?

Have any of you been successful in any groups? what groups where they? I would love to meet new friends and now its so difficult - you can't go up to people and spark conversations then exchange details - I met a girl through mutual friends I really got on with her throughout dinner and clubbing but when I asked for her mobile number she went all weird like I was asking her out. How are you connecting with people nowadays? Ladies do you go to bars/clubs by yourself?