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Thread: Tips for getting through a good marriage without any real love?

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    D'awwwww! I have happy tears, honest to god. I'm so glad you talked with her and learned that she was feeling similar. It's amazing what happens when we actually listen to each other, isn't it?

    I'm so happy for you. I think this will be a turning point. Keep up the honest and open communication with her, and she'll do the same for you. Thank you for coming back to update!

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    Originally Posted by reinventmyself
    I didn't learn this lesson when I had the chance, but put your marriage first, always.

    Before work, home, family and kids. It's the foundation in which makes everything else successful.

    It's seems so counter intuitive when you have small children that are needy and demanding. But without that foundation, marriages fail and the kids suffer from the outcome of a failed or failing marriage.

    Best gift you can give your kids? Happy, intimately connected parents.
    Thanks again, everyone! Yes, this post is making a huge amount of sense to me. I guess in a way it's like when they tell you on a plane to tend to your own oxygen mask before worrying about other people - because you're no use to anyone if you've gone unconscious. To be good parents, we need to be well and happy ourselves.

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