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I met the most amazing man in December. I knew that he was in the process of divorce but also knew that she had ended things, cheated on him, and moved 2 of his children 3 states away. We are in love. It's very simple. Except that she started making noise. She told him that she hates the idea of me. She then refused to sign the divorce papers over Easter. He now believes that maybe there is a chance to get his family back, even though he also admits that he will never be able to trust her again.

He broke up with me two weeks ago. In a crying, sobbing, horrific discussion. He loves me. He thinks I'm amazing. But he thinks he is damaged. He said he is seeking therapy (I am too).

I'm afraid that he is going to try to get back with her, even though he knows it will fail in the long run.

Will he come back to me? I just want him back.
Easiest way to get a man's interest back:

1. Get into the best shape of your life.
2. Buy new clothes, look hot at all the time.
3. If he contacts you, wish him well in all future endeavors. Tell him that you are moving on.

That will spike his interest big time.