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Before we even tackle the trust part, I'd echo what others have said about the relationship as a whole. On and off for 14 years... I'm of the opinon that you two are clearly not long-term relationship material for each other.

To your question - Have you been with others during your "off" phases? If so, have you had these same suspicions and difficulty trusting with them? Do you find it difficult to trust in general, or just trust her because of your history? Have you done any couples and/or individual counseling to address it?
Yes, weíve both been with other people in between the times we were apart, but it just seems that no matter how long itís been or whoever else came and went in between we always wind up getting back together. However after this, if it doesnít work then Iím done and weíll part ways for good.

A friend of my fatherís whoís a doctor did the same thing and were even married to other people but theyíre back together now and going strong. I canít help how I feel, I love her. I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

Thank you for your kindness and your response, youíve all been very helpful