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Thread: Want to stop stressing

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    Want to stop stressing

    Hi so i recently started dating this girl we started to hang out and i guess be friends with benefits on the first day we hung out but we got alot closer stuff like i miss you was starting to come in the friendship then 2 weeks later we got in a relationship so we still said the same thing then 3 weeks go by and we said i love you and alot of stuff and we connected so good she met my parents i met her parents things were going good until one day she wanted to talk on the fone and she said she didn't want to be in a relationship but she still wanted me around and still wanted to hang out amd still say love you and miss you but she barely wants to text so i just told her that she can text me when she wants was that right on my part should i just back off or should i really tell her how i feel about this
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    Platinum Member maew's Avatar
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    Dec 2017
    Well first I think you need to look at using some punctuation and white space in your post because it's very hard to read....

    Based on the timeline you describe it would seem you guys rushed into a relationship before you had time to get to know each other. This sort of fast and furious style of dating often ends with one of the people in the relationship realizing things are moving too quickly and declaring a need for space or ending it completely.

    By all means tell her how you feel if you haven't already done it and then back off and give her space as she requested.

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    Platinum Member Andrina's Avatar
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    Tell her that for closure, you don't won't her texting you anymore. Why would you want an ex as a texting buddy? Your future gf won't want to see that you and an ex are communicating, and she might walk away if she's the type that doesn't believe in staying in contact with exes.

    She's in your rearview mirror now. Start living in the present to get to the future you want and deserve.

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    Gold Member smackie9's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
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    Kick her to the curb. Do you really want to find out later that she's been talking to another guy?


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    Platinum Member figureitout23's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Yeah, donít let her keep you around as a play thing.

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    Dec 2007
    I think that you should block and delete her. Don't allow people to treat you like this.

    How old are you?

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Cloud Nine
    It sounds like she is friendzoning you after breaking up. Not a good idea of you still like her. Tell her you don't want to be 'just friends', then stop communicating with her. If you hang out in the friend zone, you'll get hurt. Just move on to other girls.
    Originally Posted by Caruiz1995
    one day she wanted to talk on the fone and she said she didn't want to be in a relationship but she still wanted me around and still wanted to hang out

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    23 years old

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