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Thread: My fiance searches sexual Instagram models while I'm in the shower.

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    Originally Posted by score123
    Since guys will look at girls and fantasise and vice versa why can't she do so too??

    And another question can you teach someone by saying to ignore others beleifs/thoughts/opinions??
    You told her to do it to be vindictive and to do it in a competition. To try and make absolutely sure he knew about it.

    That is the same as you cheating on your spouse because they cheated on you first. Foolish.

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    I'm having same problems, my partner was looking at other women on his phone, to me he was looking because that is what he was really wanting not me, and it hurts because I think I have a pretty good body but he says my bottom half is to thin, and when I have said don't you think I'm pretty he says no pretty is someone that is naturally pretty that needs no make up and there is hardly anyone that is pretty. I can't shift this out of my mind and in the same position as you. I don't want to end it as it would hurt so much but this is also hurting me daily as I don't feel enough and I now feel unattractive 😢

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