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Thread: College on my mind/ dating life/ so into that girl still

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    College on my mind/ dating life/ so into that girl still

    Iíve been searching hard for the right college to attend. I was looking down the online route so I could keep a good paying job and so I can move out on my own.

    Iím torn between feeling to old to attend a four year school and trying to find an online course that I can complete quick but wonít be accredited. Iím about to be 23 and I feel as I have waisted my life on dead end jobs and dead end prospects.

    At the same time tho I feel like Iím to late to the ball game to go an actual traditional college. The thing I want to go to school for is not available online from most online colleges. The ones that have engineering courses all seem to be nationally accredited or extremely expensive. The ones that are accepted via GPA I canít get in to. My high school years were full of skipping class and smoking weed everyday. Regretsss.

    If I would choose the traditional route then Iíd have to go to a CC then transfer to a university. Or go to an online nationally accredited school that might not get me the job Iíd want or transferable credits.

    Iíd get financial aid and Iíd probably use loans as well. Iíd do online CC preferably then transfer to university so I could at least not be a broke 26 year college student. At least have some money saved.

    What would you guys do.

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    Do whatís going to be the best option to get the job you ultimately want.
    Your last post suggests you want to break out of the rut you are in and make new friends. College is a great way to do that , online will leave you where you are.

    You are only 22. Many people now start college at that age and not as a school leaver.
    You arenít old enough to be considered a ďmature studentĒ .

    Do you live with your parents?

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    The community college route is worth considering. You can build up a solid GPA at an affordable cost, then transfer into a four-year college. A lot of the community college credits are 100% transferable into state colleges.

    As for the cost of college: if you are shrewd, you can find lots of "free money" online in the form of grants and scholarships. Google is your friend.

    I understand the appeal of online courses, but I've done both and feel that you get a significantly better education in a traditional classroom environment--particularly for something like engineering, and particularly if your GPA has never been great.

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    You're only 23 years old. There are plenty of college students older than you are. You are still very young!

    I wouldn't go to an online school because as you say, you might not get the job you'd want or transferable credits.

    Enroll in CC, get your grades up and transfer to a university. Do whatever it takes to do it right and take the best route toward your goals. It's time to get serious and buckle down. You can do it if you put your mind to it and persevere.


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    My god you are only 22! You are NOT too old to go to college, so sign yourself up for the courses you want and do it. People go to college and uni in their 30s and 40s. My husband's sister went to uni in her 60s!!!

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    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared
    You are not too old for squat. Just do something . Donít waste more time .

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