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How do you know him? School? Work? It may depend on the setting and appropriateness. What kind of mixed signals do you think he's sending you? Being friendly? Flirty?
He was being friendly, not that flirty. But I just have that feeling of good chemistry between us. Also he sent me a message for my work promotion even though we had 2 months without contact and we didnt know if well see each other again. He just had learned about my promotion from smb else. Later he sent me a message for New Year at the midnight. I think that may be a detail. That was the last time we interacted. Between those we never have been texting etc.
A little background: we met at a professional course. We live in California, pretty close to each other and sometimes just walked home together. I know him as a shy guy, but very confident and with an attitude. We match in our way of thinking/living/wanting/doing things, but we never had that much contact/text or never converted conversations in very personal ones. With me things are limited as I get anxious and dont talk too much. I am shy or not very confident(still dont know) but when I get to open up you can have a great time as I csn maintain great conversations and we had things in common. From time to time I saw that he developed more and more interes in me, but I got anxious I pushed away I think ot just didnt consider the chance I had those few times he texted me like the ones I mentioned above. We have time tgat we're not anymore in contact since some months, but we'll see next week at a course gathering.